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Security intelligence

Security intelligence

End-to-end system that can stop threats at every stage of an attack.

It’s a new IT world.
How secure are you?

Smarttech helps thousands of clients address the challenges
of securing their people, data, applications and infrastructure.

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IBM Security Event

IBM Security Event

Belfast, 7th Nov. Cybersecurity: Protecting Organisations From Sophisticated Attacks

Cybersecurity: Protecting Organisations From Sophisticated Attacks

An IBM and Smarttech seminar on Friday 7th November


World Class Support

World Class Support

Right choice for high quality Technical Support BPO.

Scalable - Cost effective world class support

Smarttech Helpdesk and NOC is ideal solution for US companies looking for a technical support footprint in EMEA.

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5 Things Every CSO Should Do About Cyber Security NOW.

cyber security attacksThe last 6 months have seen an unprecedented level of cyber security breaches in major corporations. Coupled with high profile vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, Shellshock, & Poodle it feels like the enterprise is in a constant state of fire fighting or damage control.

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FREE SERVICE : The team at Smarttech have created a simple page to test if your web server is secured from the Poodle vulnerability. To ensure your server and your visitors are protected simply follow the instructions on the page. http://inbound.smarttech.ie/ssl-poodle

Have you secured your web server from the SSL POODLE vulnerability?


The POODLE attack targets SSL V3 protocol. Because of the SSL protocol construction this bug can't be fixed in the protocol and the only option is to disable SSLv3 support on the server. Check now for free if your web server is secured.

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Download FREE solution brief and learn how to protect your valuable data against APTs and Targeted Attacks http://hub.am/1mRI4VD #deepdiscovery #qradar #tech #smarttech #APTs #

Free Solution Brief


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Download FREE Smarttech White Paper and Learn How To Protect Against APTs and Targeted Attacks
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Free Smarttech White Paper


Get the advanced threat detection, real-time intelligence, adaptive protection, and rapid response you need to combat targeted network attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

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it servicesOn-Demand managed IT Services for Your Business

Smarttech provides Global IT support and managed services to clients who require world class IT support.

The Smarttech IT Services value proposition is to bring great technology together, using our experience and expertise to deliver the best business strategies for our clients.

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