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Security intelligence

Security intelligence

End-to-end system that can stop threats at every stage of an attack.

It’s a new IT world.
How secure are you?

Smarttech helps thousands of clients address the challenges
of securing their people, data, applications and infrastructure.

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Before, During and After an Attack

Before, During and After an Attack

An IBM and Smarttech.ie seminar on Friday 5th September

Cybersecurity: Before, During and After an Attack

An IBM and Smarttech.ie seminar on Friday 5th September

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Free Security Audit

Free Security Audit

When was the last time you reviewed your IT security?

Are you protected against viruses and malware?

When was the last time you reviewed your IT Security?

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5 Benefits of Managed IT Services

5 Benefits of Managed IT Services

The impact of IT on every business is clearly evident in our daily lives. From your dry cleaner to your supermarket every company has new technologies at their fingertips that allow them to operate more efficiently.  The problem with this technology is that it needs to be managed! Often the cost of managing this with an internal resource is too expensive and therefore companies may not embrace the new technologies that are available to them.  But there is a good solution in the MSP model.

So, what is an MSP?

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Will Retail Executives keep ahead of attackers in their digital environment? Download this free white paper and learn all about the challenges of digital security! #ibmsecurity #digitalsecurity

The Challenge Of Digital Security For Retailers


Retail executives need to re-think the dangers of today's digital environment. Keeping ahead of attackers will require a combination of systems defense, analytics and the ability to react quickly.

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it servicesOn-Demand managed IT Services for Your Business

Smarttech provides Global IT support and managed services to clients who require world class IT support.

The Smarttech IT Services value proposition is to bring great technology together, using our experience and expertise to deliver the best business strategies for our clients.

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